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RuyeshPaydar Alborz (R.P.A Nursery) is a special sponsor of the new agricultural technologies event



NAHAL PISHRO™ represents the pinnacle of cutting-edge fruit tree growing systems. This type of tree is an ideal choice for forward-thinking growers who seek rapid results. Unlike traditional methods that take up to 2 years, NAHAL PISHRO™ trees can be ready for cultivation in as little as 4 months. This exceptional feature greatly benefits growers who are unable to plant bare-root trees.

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A plant from the same root

RuyeshPaydar Alborz (R.P.A Nursery) was established in 2018 with the aim of producing and propagating healthy vegetative bases compatible with open space in cooperation with Baradaran Hosseini Nursery Cooperative Company and Novin Gitgen Biotechnology Knowledge Base Company, and in 2018 it succeeded in receiving a knowledge base certificate for the products. became himself

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