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About Us

RuyeshPaydar Alborz (R.P.A Nursery) was established in 2017 with the aim of producing and propagating healthy vegetative bases compatible with open space in cooperation with Baradaran Hosseini Nursery Cooperative Company and Novin Gitgen Biotechnology Knowledge Base Company. became himself

RuyeshPaydar Alborz (R.P.A) History

Under the guidance of Mr. Reza Hosseini and Mr. Jafar Hosseini, the nursery is managed by a dynamic team. Over the years, the company has evolved its production practices, transitioning from seed rootstock to vegetative rootstock in 2010. In 2015, NovinGiti Gene (N.G.G), embarked on an ambitious journey, exploring the compatibility of commercial varieties, ensuring plant health, and developing a comprehensive commercial protocol for vegetative rootstock propagation, under the supervision of Mr. PejmanAzadi.

In 2017, Hosseini Brothers Nursery collaborated with NovinGiti gene (NGG) biotech company to establish a new entity known as RuyeshPaydar Alborz (R.P.A Nursery). R.P.A specializes in the commercial production of vegetative rootstocks of fruit trees through tissue culture techniques. Additionally, R.P.A offers a selection of self-rooting varieties, including grapes, pears, walnuts, etc. Mr. Mojtaba Hosseini, representing the third generation of this family, manages R.P.A, which boasts an annual production capacity of 2 million plants.

Square meters of screen house
square meters of tissue culture laboratory
square meters of modern greenhouse

Key attributes of our products include high quality, health, and true-to-type characteristics.

Since 2018, the company has successfully established a robust gardening consortium comprising 30 prominent orchard men and 20 reputable nurseries. Our combined efforts have significantly bolstered our production capacity, enabling us to cater to the growing needs of our valued customers. Here are the key highlights of our production capacity:

  • Over 50 varieties of CV & Rootstocks basic plants imported from CAV Italy.
  • An annual production of 1 million micro-propagated plants.
  • One million bare root trees each year.
  • Offering 100,000 of NAHAL PISHRO™ (pot plants) annually.


Our mission

This company has set its mission to produce quality plants, and the production of each plant is accompanied by round-the-clock monitoring and care of quality control forces.

Our goal

Our goal is to institutionalize the development of healthy and high-quality seedlings with the use of new technologies in the world’s horticulture field throughout dear Iran with different climates, and in this uneven way from the experiences of the company’s research experts, prominent researchers of research and academic institutions. We use nationally and internationally.

Our vision

Our vision is to deal with environmental and customer-oriented aspects. Because the world around us is made up of nature and others, and in the process of producing our products, in addition to focusing on quality, which is our mission, we also look at the customer experience and the impact we leave on nature.