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About us

Alborz Sustainable Growth Biotechnology Company (RPA) was established in 2017 with the aim of producing and propagating healthy vegetative bases compatible with open space in cooperation with Baradaran Hosseini Nursery Cooperative Company and Novin Gitgen Biotechnology Knowledge Base Company. became himself

History of sustainable growth

The partnership of Baradaran Hosseini Nursery with a brilliant history of 50 years in the field of producing fruitful seedlings and the science-based biotechnological company Novin Gitgen with a successful record of producing technical knowledge of tissue culture propagation of all kinds of horticultural products was a turning point where we combined experience, science and technology to Let’s work and succeed in producing new products and improving the quality of our products. In 2017, Roish Paydar Alborz Company entered the arena with the construction of a 300 square meter equipped laboratory for tissue culture as well as a 4000 square meter modern greenhouse in Nazarabad city, Sheikh Hassan village (Alborz province). produced In 2017, this company, with the cooperation of the second and third generation of the Hosseini family, also relying on an experienced team under the technical guidance of Mr. Pejman Azadi, launched its research and development unit. In 1400, the first screen house of the private sector in Tehran and Alborz provinces was established by this company with an area of about 400 square meters.

Square meters of screen house
square meter equipped laboratory for tissue culture
Square meters of modern greenhouse

Our specialized work

Our specialized work is the production of vegetative bases through tissue culture and also the grafting of these bases with the best and latest fruitful cultivars in the greenhouse conditions of “Leading Seedlings”. The services of this company are provided to professional and even inexperienced gardeners in the field of producing garden products. Also, the consulting team of the company is ready to serve our valued customers in the areas of seedling cultivation, nutrition and combating pests and diseases.

Our mission

This company has set its mission to produce quality plants, and the production of each plant is accompanied by round-the-clock monitoring and care of quality control forces.

Our goal

Our goal is to institutionalize the development of healthy and high-quality seedlings with the use of new technologies in the world’s horticulture field throughout dear Iran with different climates, and in this uneven way, the experiences of the company’s research experts, prominent researchers of research and academic institutions We use nationally and internationally.

Our vision

Our vision is to deal with environmental and customer-oriented aspects. Because the world around us is made up of nature and others, and in the process of producing our products, in addition to focusing on quality, which is our mission, we also look at the customer experience and the impact we leave on nature.